About me

Konrad „Mucha” Moszyński — artist, graphic designer, graffiti artist in one person. A graduate of the University of Arts in Poznań (formerly the Academy of Fine Arts). In 2014, he graduated with distinction in the Animation Studio prof. Jacek Adamczak along with a created in the Studio Publishing prof. Mirosław Pawłowski. Member of STGU (Association of Applied Graphic Designers). Designer at the Osterdam Records music label. Since 2012, he has been running the muchaDSGN design studio, where he carries out artistic creations for clients from Poland, Germany, Great Britain, as well as from further corners of the world, including from the United States, Hong Kong or Thailand. A lover of typography, calligraphy and neon lights. Member of the B U N T archi group, acting for the benefit of the broadly understood public space. As part of the new project, OSTERtype – collects information about old signs, shop windows, logos and neon signs that have functioned or still function in the urban space of Ostrów Wielkopolski (www.ostertype.com).

On a daily basis, he mainly deals with creating the image of brands, designing logos, typefaces, album covers, packaging, publications, publications, textiles, signs, neon lights, interior design, creating murals and all other visual forms, including music videos and animations. Repeatedly awarded by the prestigious portal of the creative industry Behance. Laureate of many competitions and exhibitions:


Ampersand International Logo and Logotype Exhibition 2021
Nádor Galéria, Budapeszt (Węgry)

MANU—ALL Rysunek & Malarstwo Konrad Moszyński
Stara Przepompownia, Ostrów Wielkopolski (2018)

Branding — SZ(T)UKA KOMPROMISU muchaDSGN | Konrad Moszyński
Galeria Sztuki Współczesnej, Ostrów Wielkopolski (2017)

5th birthday of Osterdam Records | muchaDSGN – posters & covers
Stara Przepompownia, Ostrów Wielkopolski (2017)

Jacy Jesteśmy
Galeria Sztuki Współczesnej, Ostrów Wielkopolski (2016, 2018, 2020)

30/30 Competition for the best album cover 2015
Galeria Miejska Arsenał, Poznań (2015)

Second Polish Exhibition of Graphic Symbols
04.09.2015–23.10.2015 Gdynia (Centrum Designu Gdynia)
13.11.2015–31.01.2016 Warszawa (Muzeum Sztuki Nowoczesnej)
11.03.2016-15.05.2016 Wrocław (Galeria Dizajn – BWA Wrocław)
13.04.2016–05.06.2016 Cieszyn (Zamek Cieszyn)
16.09.2016–11.12.2016 Kraków (Galerii Sztuki Współczesnej Bunkier Sztuki w Krakowie)
08.07.2016–04.09.2016 Kielce (Institute of Design)
20.10.2016–20.11.2016 Tarnów (Biuro Wystaw Artystycznych)
20.12.2016–14.01.2017Wilno/Litwa (Galeria ARKA)
08.02.2017–28.02.2017 Kowno/Litwa (Uniwersytet Nauk Stosowanych)
10.03.2017–2.04.2017 Zielona Góra (Galeria BWA)
30.03.2017–23.04.2017 Bratysława (Słowackie Centrum Dizajnu – Galeria Satelit)
18.04.2017–10.06.2017 Jelenia Góra (Galeria BWA)
24.05.2017–04.06.2017 Berlin (KunstquartierBethanien STUDIO 1)

“AMWRESTLING – the invisible hand of the market and the visible hand of the manager”
Collective exhibition of the Poster Studio II UAP
University of Economics in Poznań, Poznań (2014)

Head & Foot – collective exhibition of the Poster Studio II UAP Poznań
University of Economics, Poznań (2012)

Post office – exhibition of postcards
Post-Office Gallery and Post-Office Cafe, Poznań (2012)

Climate of Biodiversity
Poster exhibition as part of the Partnership for Climate, Ministry of the Environment, Warsaw (2010)

Prizes and awards:

Personalities of Ostrów Culture (2016))
Laurels of Culture (2019)
Pillar of Culture (2020)
Ostrowianin of the Year (2021) in the Cultural Event of the Year category – a neon mural in memory of Krzysztof KOMEDA Trzciński (nomination)

26th YACH FILM Polish Music Videos Festival in the Animation category for the music video of the Big Cyc band – Viva! San Escobar (nomination)

Polish Architecture XXL 2019 Plebiscite in the public space category – mural in memory of Krzysztof KOMEDA Trzciński (nomination)

Cover awArts | The best Polish album covers 2015, 2017 and 2021 (nomination)

3rd place in the poster competition “Through Art to the Prevention of Breast Cancer” Greater Poland Cancer Center, Poznań (2012)