Big Cyc – Przystanek wolność


On December 13, the newest CD & DVD album by Big Cyc – Przystanek Freedom – had its premiere, the graphic design of which I had the pleasure to deal with. This two-disc release contains 13 selected songs from the entire band’s discography, which were recorded in the form of a concert without the audience at the Stara Przepompownia Club. There are the most important and flagship protestsongs created in the last 30 years of the band’s activity, “at a time when freedom was there and when it was trampled on with a militia boot.” Because freedom is an intangible, fleeting value that must be constantly strived for. In line with this idea, the idea was born to put the word FREEDOM on the cover using a transparent UV varnish, which is not visible at first glance …


Big Cyc & Rock Revolution